Technology has the power to make the world a better place.  However, unless we're careful, technology also has the power to do harm.  We all have a responsibility to consider the implications of technology on the world. 

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Imagine a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets to the point where machines can act, perceive, & feel like humans. 

Should the AI then earn some kind of “robot rights”? *

What will happen to trucking employees if self-driving trucks become widely available? *

Imagine you’re the CEO of a major social media company. You have terms of service that allow you to sell or use your users’ data for basically any purpose. But your analytics show that fewer than .01% of your users have read through the terms.

Would you allow your users’ data to be used for scientists to determine how to better target ads to them based on their posts? *

Who should determine the ethical guidelines relating to technology? *

Have you ever encountered a time in your engineering or design work that you’d consider an “ethical moment”? *

More specifically, a time when you paused to consider the consequences of the code you were writing or the product you were creating for the user or society at large.
Tell us more. *

What was the situation? When did it happen?  What did you do?
Imagine you are the CEO of a company that hosts other people's websites.

Would you allow an organization that promotes hate speech to host their website with you? *

Who do you rely on most / whose opinions do you most value when it comes to questions about ethics? *

Should a company be able to implement an algorithm that it doesn't fully understand? *

In the event of a crash, should self-driving cars always aim to protect their passengers or to minimize overall damage? *

Do you envision taking a role in a tech company (either established or startup) after graduation? *

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