We’re excited to hear your hackathon is interested in applying to become a MLH Member Event for the 2019 Season.
Organizing a hackathon with MLH is a great way to be part of the global movement of empowering over 100,000 student hackers each year!
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Welcome to the first step of the MLH Member Event Application process!

Before you start your application for your hackathon to become a MLH Member Event there are a few things you should do.

1. đź“‘ Read the Membership Guidelines (https://mlh.io/membership-guidelines)
We have created a list of prerequisite requirements and guidelines that you must meet to become a Member Event. MLH Member Event applications should be submitted at least 4 months before your target event date.


2. ⏰ Set aside 45 minutes for the application. The application to become a Member Event isn’t hard, but we do ask you for a lot of information up-front. Find 45 minutes where you can sit down comfortably at a computer and fill everything out. We want to learn about your goals!

Please complete this application with as much detail as possible so we can:

- Get to know you
- Learn more about your event
- Determine the best way for the MLH team to support you!

Below you can find a graphic that shows all the stages of the Membership Process.

Contact Info

We'll ask you some basic info about who you are:
What is your first name? *

What is your last name? *

What is your phone number? *

Please include area and country code.
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Organization Info

What school do you attend/work for? *

Please write out the official name of your school. For Example: Hacker University
What kind of school is {{answer_nAOSEouZ8YRW}}? *

What organization do you work for? *

What is your role at {{answer_jjTUllMnAxOB}}?

Hackathon Information

We'll ask you for some general information about your hackathon now.
What is the name of the hackathon you are organizing? *

If your hackathon doesn’t have a name yet, just add the word “Hack” to your school or organization’s name (Ex. HackRutgers, HackGoogle, etc.)
What club, organization or department are you organizing {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} for?

[Optional] This could be your school club, a department inside your university, or a department/team at a company.
What is the website for {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}

[Optional] If you don't have a website yet, it's ok to leave this blank.
How many hackers are you expecting to participate in {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

If you aren’t sure yet, tell us how many hackers you’d like to have participate in {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}.
When does {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} start? *

MLH Member Events take place during the weekend.
When does {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} end? *

What city is {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} taking place in? *

Will you offer event announcements in English? *

Has {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} happened before or is it a brand new event? *

Has {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} ever been a MLH Member Event before? *

Will {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} be a student only event? *

MLH Member Events must be student only.

Will {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} be a High School only event? *

Please select if your event is being planned only for high schoolers to participate.

Who will be eligible to participate in {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

Will {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} be free to attend for all participants? *

MLH Member Events must have no entry fee for participants.

Will students from outside schools be allowed to attend {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

MLH Member Events are open to students from multiple schools to encourage collaboration.

Past Organizing Experience

MLH works with Hackathons that are both new and old. We want to get a feel for your experience organizing hackathons or other events so we know what resources you need to be successful.
Have you ever participated in a MLH Member Event hackathon before? *

Which MLH Member Event hackathons have your participated in? *

Separate each hackathon with a comma.
How often do you go to hackathons? *

What was the best hackathon that you ever attended? Why? *

In 50 - 100 words, please describe your experience at your favorite hackathon and why it stands out to you.
Is this your first time organizing a hackathon? *

Tell us about your past event organizing and leadership experience. *

Please list any previous event organizing or leader experience you have. Describe your involvement/responsibilities in each instance.

Feel free to include relevant non-hackathon experience with any campus group, volunteer service, youth group, etc.
Planning Progress

It can take anywhere from 4-9 months to plan a successful hackathon.

As a MLH Member Event, your team is responsible for the following:

- Putting together a organizing team of at least 2+ people
- Fundraising enough hackathon sponsorship to cover event costs
- Confirming a venue
- Promoting the hackathon & recruiting student hackers
- Ordering food, drink, and supplies for the hackathon.

Each of the following sections will ask you about these things.
How many total organizers (including you) are on the core team responsible for planning {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

Please list the names, emails, and primary roles of all {{answer_Chb5PoWtPbaw}} organizers responsible for planning {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} *

Please use this format in your answer:
1. Your Full Name, Your Role - me@email.com
2. Jim Henson, Head of Logistics - jim@email.com
3. Luke Skywalker, Sponsorships skywalker.luke@yoda.edu
4. Kitty Hawk, Treasurer - khawk@hackstate.com

You only need to enter as many as apply.

We request all organizers sign the code of conduct.
Venue Details

Few of your planning decisions will truly make or break your hackathon, but your choice of venue is one of them. It often takes more time than expected to secure the right location, so the earlier you begin scouting, the better!
Do you already have a venue for {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} *

What is the name of the venue where you're hosting {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

Will the venue for {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} be open to participants overnight? *

If you have a venue confirmation at this time please upload it.

What progress have you made toward selecting and confirming a venue? *

Fundraising Progress

You can't run a hackathon without doing some fundraising. In this section we'll ask you about how much money you need to put on the event and your strategy to get there.
Have you already created a budget for {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

If you have a copy of your budget share it here.

Optional Upload
How much do you think it will cost to put on {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

Please write your estimated cost in U.S Dollars. You can convert currency amounts @ https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter
Have you already started securing sponsors for {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}?

How much money have you raised so far? *

This could also include money your event already has in the bank that will go towards covering the overall cost to host the hackathon.
Please upload a list of companies you are planning to reach out for sponsorship

We just need a list of the companies, whether you've already reached out to them or not. This is to help us understand where you are in the fundraising process.
Please upload a copy of your sponsorship prospectus or presentation if you have one.

This is to help us understand where you are in the fundraising process.
Which of the following hackathon organizing topics would you like MLH’s help with?

✏️ Written Response Section

This is the essay section of the application.

Answer these questions honestly and thoroughly as these answers will be a major consideration in your membership into our League for this season.
What inspired you to organize {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}? *

In 200-300 words, please describe what inspired you to organize this event and why you want to bring a hackathon to your community.
What makes {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} special? *

In 200-300 words, please share any details you think makes your event special. This could be a theme, a special format, or a specific group of people you're organizing this event to serve.
Why do you want {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}} to be an MLH Member Event hackathon? *

In 200-300 words, tell us why you want to be an MLH Event Event. We receive applicants from 1000's of organizers all around the world but only have a limited number of slots in our season. Please let us know why MLH's community of hackers would benefit from your event being included in on the schedule.
Is there anything else we should know about you or {{answer_Az1Jz5snUl18}}?

Is there anything we didn't ask that you think we should know.
I certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. *

Thanks! You'll be receiving a notice within the two weeks if you're selected for a membership interview.

In the meantime, look out for an e-mail confirmation with a recap of everything you filled out.