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Hackathon Information

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Keep in mind MLH can only work with overnight events on weekends. If you are planning a weekday or one day event, check out Localhost (
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What is the website for your hackathon?

Is {{answer_AlDI}} free to attend for participants? *

MLH only works with events that are at no cost to the participants.

Is {{answer_AlDI}} only open for students to participate in? *

MLH only works with events that are for students.

Is {{answer_AlDI}} open for students of other schools to participate in? *

MLH is dedicated to making events as available and accessible as possible.

Sponsors of MLH allow us to support you at no cost. Do you allow us to provide access to their services during the hackathon? *

For example, giving out domains and AWS hosting credit to participants.

Is it okay to have our MLH Preferred Vendors contact you via phone call if they have offers for your hackathon? *

For example, Potbelly provides discounted meals for being an MLH Member Event. They will call to arrange catering if you are eligible.

We collect basic information of participants to do school rankings at the end of the season. Do you agree to send us attendee data before and after the hackathon? *

All data collected by MLH adheres to the MLH Privacy Policy(

We receive an overwhelming number of awesome applications and may not be able to respond right away. You should receive a decision and next steps within the next month! In the meantime, look out for an e-mail receipt with everything you filled out.

Please review our Membership Guidelines ( and Community Values ( beforehand.
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